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FTIS 2012

Organisational Scientific Committee

Overall the 2012 symposium is organised by the Fairness network (researchers and PhD students working on Fair Trade); the GeoFairTrade project; and Liverpool Hope Business School. An organisation committee gathers representatives of all three institutions.

Benjamim Buybrechts
                Fairness FR
Bob Doherty                               Liverpool Hope
Christine Gent                            Pakka
Fanny Lange                               Max Havelaar France
Michaela Mager                        Equisol
Pierre Ott                                    ECO Cert
Alastair Smith                             Fairness UK

The academic component of the conference is being organised by a Operational Scientific Commitee of both more senior and leading junior academics working on the subject of fair trade. The committee includes:

Matthew Anderson
                     Research Fair Trade
Lucy Bartlett                               University of Oxford
Benjamim Buybrects                  l'Université de Liège
Aurélie Carimentrand                IHEAL
Mantiaba Coulibaly                   University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis
Iain Davies                                 University of Bath
Eleanor Fisher                            Swansea University
Jos Van Hal                                Wagninger 
Anne Le Mare                            University of Durham
Benoît Petitprêtre
Alastair Smith                             Cardiff University/Fairness UK
Didier Tagbata
                            University of Valencia
Isabelle Vagneron                       CIRAD
Matthias Zick Varul                    University of Exeter

The scholars who will be in charge of organising individual themes will mainly be members of the Fairness network and will constitute the operational scientific committee. The members of this committee are responsible for receiving the abstracts related to their theme, organising the reviewing process and constituting the workshops on the basis of this process.

An Honorary Scientific Committee will consist of professors and lecturers who are recognised Fair Trade experts who will attend the conference and review papers submitted for presentation.