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More Producers Confirm for FTIS: Lijin Jacob

posted 7 Mar 2012 06:45 by Alastair Smith   [ updated 22 Mar 2012 07:59 by Chloe Fleet-Chapman ]

Lijin Jacob Tom has been operations manager for Elements working with Fair Trade Alliance Kerala (FTAK), the FLO registered producer group with over 4,000 farmers in India since 2007. Primarily responsible logistics, he has also gained experience in procurement, processing and marketing of Fair Trade and Organic cashew, coffee, spices and coconut products. Seeing Fair Trade annual growth of FTAK from $1.1 Million in 2007 to $2.9 Million in 2011. Linjin is going to be at the FTIS/GFT representing FTAK the Indian case study for the GFT project.  

"Our experience so far is that we lose sight of our product, the moment we place it on the weighing scale of the local trader. We moved one step further through Fair Trade when buyers began to look not simply at the lowest price on offer but also how their purchases enable sustainable livelihoods. With Geo Fair Trade we are further moving closer to our customers. The project will showcase the impact of Fair Trade on our organisation, our farming families and communities. We are slowly but steadily bridging not just the physical but also the emotional distance between the sensitive producers and the conscious consumers."